Brion archaeological site near Château Livran (Médoc)

56 BC

The Biturige Vivisci, Celtic people who founded Burdigala (Bordeaux) during the first century BC, imported the first vine (Vitis Biturica) in the region. Burdigala surrendered to Rome in 56 BC. Thus began in Médoc a long period of gallo-roman occupation (proven by the archeological site of Brion). The etymology of the name Livran probably comes from this era : a land made free (castrum liberonis) by the statis "civitas libera" (free people or regions), that the Romans gave, among others, to the Biturige Vivisque with whom they maintained good relations, especially on a commercial level. The name Livran appears to have been written "Livrano" in the "Gascon Rolls” of 1280.